The Star Wax™ | Premium Pomade collection has been featured widely in the press, earning critical acclaim over the years for its extraordinary performance characteristics.

"There’s no question that the Star Pro Line Premium Pomade is the best pomade for thick hair."
- Thoroughly Reviewed, Gold Award

"Star Wax Clay is the Perfect Redken Rough Clay Replacement... I’m so happy with this product that I started a new section on my website for product reviews so that I could share my discovery with others..."
- Dane O’Leary

"I’m lovin‘ it."
- Robin James, Man For Himself

"If you have weak hair, need a strong hold, and like a high shine, then the Original pomade is perfect."
- Electrogent

"This clay is awesome, and for $25 it wipes out bigger names like Redken and American Crew. This easily busts its way into my top favorite clays of all time."
- Electrogent

"The whole line does a great job of incorporating smells into their products...they all smell absolutely fantastic."
- BlueMaan

"[Clay] is really pliable stuff and really helped give [my hair] hold but still allow for a lot of natural movement."
- BlueMaan

"This product is absolutely fantastic."
- The Gentleman’s Cove

"I use [Original]...for [Olivier Giroud] hairstyle."
- The Gentleman’s Cove, Olivier Giroud Inspired Hairstyle

"[Crystal] has a hard hold and hard shine which is used...for formal or semi-formal events. [Clay] is a bit more pliable...if you want that [messy look]."
- AJ O’Day, Easy Styles for Medium Length Hair

"You’re definitely getting your money’s worth with these products...I absolutely love them and recommend them."
- Cameron Cretney

"I used [Original] to give a nice strong hold."
- Cameron Cretney, Brad Pitt Hair Tutorial from Fury

"A line I’ve really enjoyed lately. I actually really do like the products a lot, they style and hold up my hair beautifully."
- Monsiieur Alex

"Crystal has a really great shine and it’s got a high hold at the same time."
- Robin James, Men’s Formal and Evening Hairstyle

"I used [Crystal] for a timeless, clean, shiny finish, with a strong hold. I think this is great for nights out or special events!"
- Diydan L√≥pez, Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial | Classic Combover

"[Original] has a really strong hold and an excellent shine...it’s really quite good."
- Thomas In Action

"The best product for punk styling..."
- TimeOut New York